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Tips for choosing a wheelchair

There are three types of wheelchair:

-self-propelled – controlled by the user
-attendant-propelled – steered by someone else
-electric powered – class 2 for pavement use, and class 3 for pavement and road use For more click here...

A guide to wheelchair selection

How you get around has a big impact on what things you can do and where you can go. Being able to take even a couple of steps, can be a huge advantage to getting around in your home. Some people are able to use the tight bathroom environment to their advantage, holding on to the sink, walls or grab bars. Counters may offer some support when standing or walking in the kitchen.

Once you get to the front door of your home, however, there are no walls for support and your lifestyle might require long distance mobility to do the things you want to do – shopping, visiting family friends, going to school or work.

Many people who have lived with a disability for a long time, have found that careful consideration of what is the best way to get around has been a key to their independence. For some people the solutions have included multiple devices - different environments, different devices - a manual wheelchair in the home, a scooter for work and even a handcycle for exercise. For more click here...

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair

This guide should help you determine what the right type of wheelchair is for your condition, you will learn about category, sizing, and also some details about what type of accessories are available when you decide to purchase your folding wheelchair. People spend a great deal of time searching for the perfect wheelchair, what comes to mind is usually comfort, pricing, and daily needs. We provide a large variety of self propelled wheelchairs, caregiver propelled wheelchairs, and standing wheelchairs. Choosing the right wheelchair requires having a good strategy and research when you are looking for a specific type of wheelchair. For more click here...

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs are known to be the kind of wheelchair that a person must move themselves without the assistance of a battery. You can choose from self-propel, which requires the user to propel with the use of their limbs, and companion propelled, which means that you must have a person to push you. At Karman we wish all customers to find the best manual wheelchairs available to your specific needs.

To select the right wheelchair, you should research and decide which category, model, and price point is suited to your lifestyle and condition. Depending on your decision, you may choose a wheelchair that has large rear wheels, which are usually self propelled, if you have a caretaker or you are a caregiver, you may prefer the small wheel version of the wheelchair, which also includes companion handles. For more click here...

Ergonomic Wheelchairs

Ergonomic wheelchair series provides users with a large selection of ultra lightweight wheelchairs that can help improve your life. This series has features that include a high strength lightweight frame, foldable and easy to store, breathable anti-bacterial, anti-staining, removable and machine washable cushion. Also includes the exclusive S-Shape Seating System, which provides increased stability, better weight distribution and lowers the risk of pressure sores and spinal injury. The patented S-Shape Seating System that comes with every wheelchair model in this series provides an ergonomic seating frame that conforms and flexes to the shape of your body. For more click here...

Standing Wheelchairs

Standing wheelchairs from Karman Healthcare feature state of the art technology that can help change your life. Featuring an easy to access joy-stick controller that allows you to fully control the movement of the chair. It also features a stand up mode, which allows you to drive the chair while in a standing position. Standing chairs are typically used for environmental access and pressure relief. You can control the speed of the chair through the easy to access joy-stick controller, which is positioned perfectly within reach of any type of user. You can easily adjust the length of the arms in order to better suit your needs. For more click here...

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) ,USA , Video on how to choose the right wheel chair For more click here...

How to Measure for Wheelchair Size

Wheelchair Dimensions:
Overall widths and other dimensions vary across several categories of Wheelchairs. Almost all wheelchair buyers should be concerned with some of the basic dimensions such as overall width. You should begin by scouting out the lay-of-the-land. Do this by identifying the smallest and narrowest doorways, passage ways, elevators, or whatever you can think of or visualize that will be part of your day. Around the home it's usually a bathroom door or narrow hallway that limits access. Heavier users with wider chairs may see obstacles at every turn. For more click here...

Appropriate wheelchairs

These guidelines focus on appropriate manual wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are here defined as wheelchairs propelled by the user or pushed by another person. A wheelchair is appropriate when it (1):

meets the user's needs and environmental conditions;
provides proper fit and postural support;
is safe and durable;
is available in the country: and can be obtained and maintained and services sustained in the country at an affordable cost. Throughout these guidelines, the term “wheelchair” means “appropriate manual wheelchair” unless otherwise indicated For more click here...

Flying with a wheelchair & other mobility aids

Airlines, in line with the FAA safety regulations, must allow travellers dependent upon assistive devices carriage of such items.

These will in no way constitute a component of the individual's carry-on weight limit.

Smaller items such as canes and lighter wheel chairs, may be stored on board the passenger section of the aircraft.

Always book your flight as early as possible, not only will this save you money, but it gives you plenty of time to inform the airline that you are flying with a wheelchair.

When booking be sure to inform the airline that you are travelling in a wheelchair, so that they reserve you an aisle chair, making it easier to get into your chair (and out again).

If you are embarking on a particularly long flight, and will be unable to walk to the restroom, then ensuring that you reserve an aisle seat is essential.

Bearing in mind how small airplane toilet seats are, it is worth checking to see if the plane has a privacy curtain for the toilet. For more click here...