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Govt & NGOS

"With various tax benefits, travel and health care facilities provisioned for them, Indian Government has created reasons for Senior Citizens to feel happy. This corner on Senior Citizens is aimed at providing details on various aspects concerning them. The links pertaining to the following sections will take you to the webpages/websites outside this website. For any query regarding the links of these websites/contents, please consult the web master of the respective website"
Senior Citizens Council of Delhi have created a network of more than 500 active Senior Citizens living alone who are participating in daily social, cultural and religious activities, yoga, talks, lectures, interaction sessions, panel discussions etc. at Deer Park Senior Citizens Activities Center, near Hauz Khas village, New Delhi between 7:00am to 8:30am for the last 33 years after coming from different parts of Delhi.
Concessions and Facilities given to Senior Citizens by Different Ministries/Departments of the Govt
AISCCON is currently the single largest federated body representing nearly five lakhs senior citizens. We are an independent, non-political, non-religious body with the welfare of Senior citizens as our goal
Bank deposit schemes for Senior Citizens
The rights of older persons are the entitlements and independence claimed for senior citizens (i.e. above 60 years of age). Elderly rights are one of the fundamental rights of India.