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Home healthcare - what does it mean

Home health care refers to services provided by trained personnel for long term care of individuals at home. This care can be age related or specific ailment related.

In recent times, Health care service in India have seen a boost with a lot of reputed companies getting involved. The services available typically can fall into any of the categories below:

  • Senior Care which would involve taking care an elderly person at home in their day to day activities. This can be a trained attendant who has experience in working with elderly
  • Physiotherapist – usually required for patients under medical advice.
  • Post operation recovery – In many cases, the patient recovery at home is a long process which often needs expert auxiliary medical care. Having a trained and registered nurse at home can help speed up the recovery and also ensure optimum care.

Usually the caregiver is available at specific times or hours of the day depending on the requirements.

How does it help

Depending on the needs of the person, it can be very useful to have help at home in the following cases :

  • When the person is not mobile
  • There is a long term care requirement
  • The person is recovering from a serious medical condition and needs timely and expert attention
  • When other commitment do not allow the family members to spend the required amount of time on Patient care
  • When the individual needs help to conduct basic daily activities of life.

What else can you do

Besides professional help many other things are required for the senior care at home. This can include home modification ( for example anti-skid tiles or tapes in the bathroom) or even the installation of grab bars in accident prone areas like staircases and Toilet seat rise in the bathrooms can go a long way.

There are dining and grip products available for senior citizens with arthritis, orthopaedic cushions and back support for those who suffer from back pain, and also products for people with low vision. These can help prevent accidents and falls around the house and keep the elderly safe.

To know more about care giving services in your city , please share the details and an expert will revert to you with the required information .

Disclaimer: www.seniorshelf.com does not assume any responsibility for any action arising from the information given above and actions taken on the same.

The care giving services are provided by 3rd parties and all implications of such transactions rest solely between the customer and the service provider. We do not guarantee the availability of such services as per your requirements.

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