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About Us

A City of a million People, no Blood Pressure Monitor available

Sounds like one of those places where life is so chilled that no body ever has hypertension. But before you start making migration plans; this is just Any city in India – outside of perhaps our Metros and mini Metros, do you ever remember seeing any Senior care products in any retail shop back home or even in a Metro?

For instance, when was the last time you spotted a Toilet seat raiser in a supermarket or a mall? Or a walking stick at the grocers?

And, If this is the state in large urban centres, imagine the plight of the elderly who live in small towns (and not so small cities). Even if it is available, it would be in one corner of the town, reaching which would mean fighting it through the chaos of traffic, heat, &dust– a difficult task for Hercules and certainly not for those who are in the sunset years of their lives.

Time was when the large joint family would take care of these requirements – but today – when half the Urban India is working in a city away from their Parents & the Elderly, the Parents are often on their own - dependant on the favours of the neighbours , friends and the occasional family to get even the basic necessities.

And that’s why we exist

To help you – their Children, take care of them, no matter where you are in the world. To find and show case small things which can make life a little easier for those you left behind –useful things which will tell them you care about their well being. No matter where you are.

Send your Mom that Glow in the dark tape (Rs. 250 /- ) and see the smile on her face when she does not have to bump in the furniture in the dark. Or a Walking stick with seat ( Rs.900) for your father – so that he never misses out on his walks. Or that hearing aid, which he always needed but did not know where to buy from. A Toilet Grab bar to make every day a little safer, antiskid tape to prevent falls, the list is endless, much like your demands when you were young.

Get started – most of these have a price, but their value, only you can decide.

And who are WE

Rahul Upadhyay – Founder, handyman and everything in between. Formerly of Vodafone, Radio Mirchi& The Times Group; 16 yrs in all, Wannabe Travel writer, lifetime achievement - Single.
Reach him at – [email protected]

Kamlesh – The Finance consultant who keeps everyone on the straight and Narrow. Ex PWC

Man Friday –Logistics champion, Coffee maker and probably the most important cog in the wheel.