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Indoor Stair climbing Wheelchair

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LG 2004 Stair climber

Stair climber wheelchair LG 2004 is a cutting edge European product from Antano .It offers Unparalleled ease of use & allows it to turn on itself, even in confined spaces, with no effort. Reliability due to a uniqe weight management and engineering deisgn . Ideal for those who live on higher floors and cannot make modifications in the common staircase. It is portable and can be taken anywhere the user wishes to go- email us for a demo in Mumbai on genie@seniorshelf.com.
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LG 2020 Stair Climber

Stairclimber wheelchair LG 2020 is a unique armchairwheelchair that meets all the needs for domestic mobility. It is extremely lightweight and, in addition to its compact size, is very easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces. It is strong and durable with an autonomy that is unrivalled. The new and exclusive upward movement makes the LG 2020 the best solution and offers you the very latest in European technology. Call or email us on genie@seniorshelf.com for a demo in Mumbai.
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Indoor Stair Climbing Wheelchair Sano

Stair climbing wheelchair,Indoor - Equipped with a comfortable seat and anti- slip rubber –surfaced folding armrests,the PT S is the ideal stair climber wheel chair for in and around the house. The very latest in European Technology now available in India. Call or email us for a demo . The final price may vary as per customisation required.Call or email us for a demo .
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