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Toilet WheelChairs

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Toilet wheelchair

Steel Commode Chair- Vp40

Folding Commode Chair made of Chromed steel for a Good appearance. Comes with a built in lid and a easily removed pot for cleaning. Castors makes it easy to move around , wherever required. Adjustable height - 18- 22". Weight capacity : 100 kgs.
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Toilet commode Wheelchair for Sale

Karma Healthcare Rainbow-5 Folding Commode with Wheels

Karma Healthcare Rainbow-5 Folding Commode with Wheels provides users with comfort, stability and easy adjustability. As it comes with a removable pan, it can be used at bedside.
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Wheelchair Online

KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair

Aluminum Shower Chair is a Light weight shower chair with flip open footrest and all 3" castors with rear wheel lock. It can be folded when not in use. Lightweight and easy to move around. Designed for use by elderly and Patients who cannot access the bathroom easily and for general indoor use. Helps prevent accidents and falls in a slippery environment.
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Toilet Wheelchair -Karma Rainbow 6 wheelchair

Karma Commode Folding Wheel Chair- Rainbow 6

 Toilet Wheelchair Karma Karma Rainbow  - Designed as a Wheelchair with an attached toilet bowl and can be easily cleaned .It enables the user to move around and also present a dignified alternative.   This commode wheelchair suits senior citizen care and patients who cannot move around. Can also be used as a Wheelchair for short duration and be taken outdoors. Foldable so can be put away when not in use.
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Commode Wheelchair- Karma Rainbow 7 wheelchair

Rainbow 7 Commode Wheel Chair

With age and the inevitable onset of ailments, the body has to face various kinds of limitations, especially in matters of mobility. The senior citizen often face debilitating disorders that make them weak and immobile.To restore dignity and peace to such a suffering elderly member, the Karma Rainbow 7 Wheelchair is extremely handy. It can serve dual purpose - as a Commode wheelchair and a Normal Wheelchair .
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KosmoCare Pride Toilet Wheelchair

KosmoCare Pride

KosmoCare Pride Toilet Wheelchair.Folding Toilet wheelchair with removable pot ,designed for those who cannot visit Toilet easily or for elderly sufferng from incontinence and low bladder control. Good looking wheelchair which combines functionality with looks and provides dignity & independence to the user.
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KosmoCare Pride Plus Toilet wheelchair

KosmoCare Pride Plus

KosmoCare Pride Plus Toilet Wheelchair . Premium, self-propelled model with soft cushion
  • Max user capacity - 100 kgs , makes it a preferred choice for heavy patients.
  • It is a foldable model wheelchair with DETACHABLE ARMREST and FOOTREST, It has 23” rear wheels for self maneuvering.
  • Ideal Toilet wheelchair for Overweight elderly and patients.
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Commode Wheelchair

Daria Commode Wheelchair

A Comfortable Padded Commode Wheelchair with a detachable backrest . The cushion seat can be removed when not in use. Best feature is it can slide over a normal Western Commode easily. Built in Pot .
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KosmoCare Propellor Plus

Propeller Plus Toilet Wheelchair , Multipurpose wheelchair witha removable Pot.Can be used for Shower, Toilet and general indoor use. Features :Stainless steel wheelchair cum commode, adjustable footrest, can be used a shower wheelchair also. Perfect for Patient & elderly care and those who are not mobile. Can also serve as an Indoor wheelchair.
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Commode Wheelchair -Rainbow 8 wheelchair

Rainbow 8 Toilet wheelchair

Karma Toilet Wheelchair rainbow 8 is ideally designed for the elders and the patients having limited mobility. The chrome plated wheel chair features very high backrest to provide comfort to the users. It has 8” PVC caster wheel and 24”solid wheel and fixed armrest and footrests having the seat width of 17”, depth of 16” and can bear the weight up to 100kg. Its foldable feature increases it portability . It can also serve as a wheelchair around the house.
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Vissco Commode Wheelchair online  in India

Vissco Wheelchair With Commode Mag Wheels

  1. Folding action
  2. Moulded arm rests
  3. Epoxy powder coated
  4. Both sides brakes provided
  5. Safety belt provided
  6. Padded seat and back
  7. Lifter rod on both sides provided
  8. 10 - 12 sealed bearings used
  9. Heavy gauge of steel used for Indian Road Condition
  10. Detachable leg rests
  11. Fibre moulded small wheels used
  12. Fibre moulded leg rest paddle
  13. Fibre mould
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Arcatron SAS100 Attendant Propelled Height Adjusta

Arcatron SAS100 Attendant Propelled Height Adjustable Sho...

Arcatron SAS100 Attendant Propelled Height Adjustable Shower and Commode Wheelchair (Stainless Steel) is an attendant propelled wheelchair designed for senior citizens and individuals with limited mobility to access shower or commode in a secured and convenient manner. Our unique tool free height adjustability eases transfers to bed and allows rolling in over different commode heights. Easy to disinfect, waterproof cushions enable to maintain hygiene standards.
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Wheelchair online

KosmoCare Prime

KosmoCare Prime Toilet wheelchair is a folding toilet wheelchair with a 17.5 inch wide seat , suitable for slender users.A good looking attendant toilet wheelchair for elderly and patient care. It has detachable armrests and footrest which makes access easier. It has four 5" castors wheels for easy movement aorund the house.
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Wheelchair Online

KosmoCare Propellor

Kosmocare Propellor shower chair is a versatile Wheelchair which can function as a shower chair, Toilet chair and even general use indoor Wheelchair . Made of MStainless Steel to protect aginst rust , it can be folded and transported easily. A very useful wheelchair for Elderly and Patient care.
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Arcatron MAC100 Attendant Propelled Commode Wheelc

Arcatron MAC100 Attendant Propelled Commode Wheelchair

Arcatron MAC100 Attendant Propelled Commode Wheelchair (Textured Steel) is an attendant propelled commode wheelchair designed for caregivers to enhance hygiene routine for individuals with limited mobility. It allows access to toilets in a secured and convenient manner. It’s comfortable padded toilet seat and front open cut out makes cleaning access very easy and practical.
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