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Power Wheelchairs for Elderly & Senior Citizens

Power wheelchair

Power Wheelchair- Vissco Zip 1.0

Zip1.0” is a Power (Motorized) Wheelchair launched by VISSCO. Robust make for Indian conditions, ideal for Disabled, elderly and senior citizen . Easy to use & Navigate. With Anti tippers , Max speed 6 kmph, Range : 20 kms. Please check the images for brochure with more specs. This unique and easy to use Power (Motorized) wheelchair helps physically challenged patients navigate with ease using a Joystick Controller making the patients’ independent and mobile.
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Electric wheelchair in India

KosmoCare Rider

Kosmocare Rider- a value for Money Power Wheelchair.
  • Electronic aluminum reclining back
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Elevated leg rest and calf support
  • Movable seat
  • Rechargeable batteries having capacity upto 20 kms, can go up to 1km/hr to 6 km/hr and climb up to 12 degree slope
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Karma Power Wheelchair 10.3-Cheap Wheelchair

Karma Kp-10.3 S

Karma Healthcare Nimble KP 10.3 Powered Wheelchair is the most economic power wheelchair without sacrificing safety & durability. The patented S-Ergo system promotes pressure redistribution, reduces downward sliding & helps maintain good posture. KP 10.3 S Wheelchair
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Automate Light Power wheelchair

KosmoCare Automate Light

Lightweight Power wheelchair by Kosmocare.
  • The KosmoCare Automate Light Power Wheelchair is lightest amongst all electronic wheelchairs, with a weight of just 23 kgs.
  • Its easily foldable, and has a light weight design which makes it easy to take it along for travelling.
  • It has a travel range of 20 kms with a maximum speed of 6 km / hr.
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Power Wheelchair

Eb 103A- Folding Power Wheelchair With Battery,LY

EB 103A Folding Power Wheelchair with Battery is the most convenient, innovative and portable mobility device in the market. It is easy to fold & extremely convenient for traveling in any type of vehicle whether it's a Car, Truck, SUV, Taxi, Bus, Train, Cruise Ship or Airplane. It utilizes an Anti-Tilt Technology which means it helps to prevent you from losing balance, tipping over backwards, or rolling backwards. It keeps you safe even if you are stopped on an incline.
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Jazzy Elite Power wheelchair - seniorshelf.com

Jazzy Select Elite Power Wheelchair

Finally a world class Power Wheelchair from Pride Mobility USA. The Jazzy Select Elite Power Wheelchair delivers a potent blend of power, performance and style. In-line, front-wheel drive technology gives the Elite excellent stability and maneuverability for solid performance indoors and out.
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Gm Lite Lightweight Power Wheelchair

Gm Lite Brushless Power Wheelchair With Batteries

GM Lite Lightweight Power Wheelchair is a revolutionary lightweight power wheelchair using brush less motor. It is the most economic power wheelchair without sacrificing safety & durability. The wheelchair promotes pressure redistribution, reduces downward sliding and helps maintain good posture. 10 times longer life . Lightest – 23 kg , 5 year long life, safe LiFePO4 battery (10ah) ,High efficiency brushless hub motor,  5 seconds folding and unfolding, Easy to carry.
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Conqueror-Rs2 Outdoor Power Wheelchair

Conqueror-Rs2 Outdoor Power Wheelchair

Conqueror RS2 Power Wheelchair This power wheelchair is made on a rigid steel frame. The Conqueror RS2 is an outdoor electric wheelchair that takes you anywhere you want to go with ease thanks to the PG controller. The motors on this electric power wheelchair has an output of450W, 24V giving it excellent performance. The electric wheelchair has outdoor capabilities and easily maneuvers on variety of road surfaces.
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Heartway  Power wheelchair P19

Heartway P19

Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair by Heartway.
  • Heartway P19 is a lightweight folding power wheelchair perfect for travel.
  • You can easily open and close the P19 making vehicle loading/unloading a breeze.
  • If you are interested in a foldable lightweight power wheelchair that opens and closes in one easy step, the Heartway P19 is an excellent choice.
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Electric Wheelchair

Hermos Power Wheelchair

The freedom and independence that a user experiences when they can get from one place to another without the need of an attendant or the fear of injuring their own hands is unparalleled. Hermos Electric Power wheelchair come standard with a high charge battery that can operate continuously for 20 km. It has a unique height adjustable seat and armrest for comfort . Detachable armrest and footrest make it easily accessible.
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